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Piano Teachers

Pianos are the instrument of study and there will be one in each classroom. We, the Canadian Bureau for the Advancement of Music (CBAM) are accepting applications for piano teachers to teach our class piano program in elementary schools. We want the program to reach every Canadian child. Contact us. Perhaps there will be a school in your area. If not, we will help you open one. Your career in group piano teaching with good remuneration is available after you take a course on the art of class piano teaching. It is very different than teaching one-on-one.

We accept teachers that have previous teaching experience and pianist working on their ARCT. Perhaps you have professional experience that would equip you for the work ahead. The teachers are independent from the school. They use the school facilities respectfully whether the class starts in the morning, is at noon, or after school hours.

You must work with the caretakers as they are your support in the school. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

You, the teacher, collect the money, and send a rebate to the Bureau. The Bureau in turn looks after all the permits, curriculum, exams, and certificates as the year progresses. Check in the parent column for the rates and financial information for parents.

If you are interested in teaching the CBAM program please email or mail your resume to the CBAM office. If you wish to inquire first please telephone.


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