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Parents -- you might care to read this section with your future musician.

There may be a Canadian Bureau for the Advancement of Music (CBAM) program to learn how to play the piano already at your school. Most students that join the program like it very much. Taking music lessons in a group is good news if you like music. You will be with other children who also are learning to play the piano. Piano classes can be fun. Maybe you know someone taking piano lessons somewhere. When you hear the sound as you press down a key you will learn which key and be able to play a tune. All the different marks on the music page will become familiar and as your fingers learn to press only the keys that you wish to press down the music will be heard. And after each lesson you will go home and try the moves the teacher taught you. That is practicing and it is very important that you do that after each lesson.

The Canadian Bureau for the Advancement of Music (CBAM) students do enjoy this experience while learning. You can join with your friends or make new ones and you will be in groups of five to eight students. You watch others and learn from them as well as the teacher.

There are many great music games the teacher will introduce to assist in the art of reading music. There is music theory, sight reading, and even the technique of just sitting correctly at the piano.

Training in our program prepares a student for band or orchestra when you get to high school. You will have a head start as you already read music.

Memory, concentration, and discipline are automatically improved. Practicing is the key to success as you move forward with your music studies.

At the end of each school year there will be a small concert at the school and you will join others and play for all the parents. It should be an awsome event.

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