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School Boards

School Boards are our first line of support. They supervise the schools and cover for us at no expense to themselves. We at the Canadian Bureau for the Advancement of Music (CBAM), with our group piano program, have enjoyed their overview since 1922 across Canada. Our focus is in providing young children with a basic introduction to music in the elementary schools across Canada at an affordable price. The school boards and their trustees manage the elementary and secondary schools in Canada.

CBAM works with school boards to secure required permits. User fees (fees paid for classroom use) are paid directly to the school boards by CBAM. School boards are forwarded a copy of CBAM “Certificate of Liability Insurance” and all Bureau teachers must have up to date police checks.

The school boards allow us to operate extra-circularly and most classes are after the school day. Some are at noon, and a few are before school starts in the morning. School boards provide the room with a piano in the elementary schools where we can offer our program. They are a vital part of our program.

With school board cooperation and support we will we will continue to provide affordable music training to your students in your schools.

Group Piano Classes Since 1922
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