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What does the CBAM Program Cost?

$80.00 (paid once a year to CBAM)

The annual registration fee includes the user fee cost for conducting the CBAM program in the schools for the whole year.

Family rate for two or more in a family is $76.00 per child.

The annual CBAM registration fee covers the cost of office administration, insurance, processing school board permits, issuing of tax credit receipts, on-going development of eight levels practical and theory curriculum and the syllabus of study, scheduling of annual CBAM examinations, teacher workshops and training.

There is a School Board Fee of $44.00 that is included in the Annual Registration Fee. This fee is paid by CBAM to school boards to process school board permits and for the use of schools for CBAM piano class lessons and recitals.


Weekly classes are for one hour

Minimum enrollment is one full nine week term

No refunds except to prolonged illness, with doctors note

A CBAM progress report card is issued at the end of each 9 week term

There are approximately four, 9 week terms per school year (September to June)

1st year$85.50/term$9.50/hour
2nd year$92.25/term$10.25/hour
3rd year$99.00/term$11.00/hour
4th year$105.75/term$11.75/hour
5th year$112.50/term$12.50/hour

Practice books, performance books, and theory books are an additional cost. The number of books used by a student in a year is directly related to the progress of the student.

We work hard to make our program interesting and fun and most children enjoy learning in a group environment.

Although a piano or keyboard at home is not required at first, it is important to understand that there is a daily need for home practice.

Written theory is one of the main activities in group classes. While the teacher is giving individual attention to a student at the piano, the remaining students work on theory assignments at their desks.

The Eight Level Theory curriculum progresses systematically up to the Royal Conservatory’s Preliminary Rudiments level.

Group Piano Classes Since 1922
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