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The Principal of the Elementary School is the decision maker for any school regarding group piano lessons as the principal is responsible for the whole school. Piano study will enhance the student’s ability to learn other subjects as suggested by the Toronto Star. “Research has repeatedly shown that music helps children boost their abstract reasoning skills, improves memory and leads to improvements in IQ. Every aspect of music promotes better learning, leads to creative expression and a connection with fellow students that some might not otherwise achieve.”

(Toronto Star, editorial page, April 20, 2013).

We firmly believe in class piano study. The principal may need some information as to how our class piano program will enhance the overall school position and not interfere with other school activity. If at any time a principal wishes to receive firsthand information from another principal we will put you in touch. And lastly we recognize that any extra burden on the caretakers or room teacher is not welcome and we make sure there is not extra work for them.

There will be yearend recitals for all participating class piano students. Many principals do attend along with parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters. It is a wonderful musical event and a just reward for the students.

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