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We are a charity offering piano lessons in Elementary schools and we solicit financial support to assist in our program. The Canadian Bureau for the Advancement of Music (CBAM) became active in 1922. We have a charter to conduct piano classes in elementary schools across Canada.

Both Private and Corporate donations to our program are needed and gratefully received to assist us in our endeavors. Tax receipts are offered. We are teaching elementary school students how to play the piano in a class format. The successful students are able to move forward in music in high school if they wish and if their high school has a band or orchestra program. Our program also improves the students personal development.

We are a Charity with number 85466521. Our teachers are highly qualified. They have taken a special piano class teacher training course as well as their many years of music studies. This has prepared them for this special piano class format. They show their dedication to the students by their attendance in all kinds of weather and sometimes having to arrange the music room before each lesson. Then they always put the room back in order before leaving the school. Our teaching is extra curricular, (outside of school hours) before school starts, at noon or after the end of the school day. We are not part of the school curriculum.

We as an educational organization do need the support from the communities in which we serve and solicit your donation. We need to grow and that means missionary work under the direction of our Board of Directors.

Our program has been successfully developed and we offer it to all elementary students that wish to participate if we are in their school. If we are not there the Parent and Teacher organizations might intervene on our behalf to get lessons established.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Lukie, President, CBAM

Group Piano Classes Since 1922
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